Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policy and
Code of Business Conduct


Vision & Mission


Corporate Governance Policy for Executive Board of Director


Corporate Governance


Engagement Policy

Disclosure Handbook

Business Ethics Guide

Nomination and Remuneration Guidelines

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Information system security policy

Political Activities Policy

Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Whistle blowing Policy

Insider Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Policy on the acquisition or disposition of assets

Good Corporate Governance Policy

Privacy Policy

Dividend Policy

Anti-Corruption and Corruption Policy

Risk Management Policy

Business Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Policy

Sustainability Management Policy

Business Gift and Entertainment Acceptance Policy

Security Policy

tax policy

Connected Transaction Policy

Charitable donation policy

human rights policy

Supplier Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Policy and period for obtaining trade credits

Tax Report

New Risk Management

Human Resources Management and Development Policy

Privacy Notice Customer Privacy Policy partners and visitors

Privacy Notice Privacy Policy for the Use of CCTV Cameras

Privacy Notice Privacy Policy for Job Applicants and Employees

Waste Management Policy

Request for Exercising Data Subjects Rights Form

Charters and Definition of Independent Directors

Board of Directors Charter

Executive Committee Charter

Audit Committee Charter

Risk Management Committee Charter

Investment Advisory Committee Charter

The scope and authority of the Chief Executive Officer

Company Secretary Charter

Company certificate

Policy and Procedures

Memorandum of Association

Whistle Blowing Form